Saturday 12 May 2012

Mistress Fortune

Mistress Fortune Story and Art by Arina Tanemura
Kisaki has a secret she has special powers which allow her to fight the ebe mysterious (yet adorable) aliens. She fights alongside her much more experienced partner Giniro who she secretly has feelings for. However courting him will be far more difficult than she ever imagined.
Serialized in the Shojo (Girl’s) comic anthology Ribon in Japan, Mistress Fortune was created by the prolific shojo comic creator Arina Tanemura. Perhaps better known for titles such as Full Moon and Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne, Tanemura has created a title which is by and large perhaps the fluffiest thing one will ever read. The series spends a fair amount of time making jokes about the heroine’s bust size.
The main story lasts only three chapters and is only 3 quarters of this book the remaining 50 pages are 2 pointless side stories revolving around 2 of the side characters. The series adheres quite rigidly to the magical girl formula including the obligatory monster of the week  and cute mascot. The protagonist’s friend is introduced in the first chapter but quickly disappears never to be seen again.
My biggest complaint with this series is the character designs: from one series to the next her female and male leads are virtually indistinguishable. Her art however is visually appealing however even this does not save this bland and, ultimately, forgettable series.
This one-shot comic is available both digitally and in print from Viz Media. 

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