Friday 14 December 2012

Limit vol. 1

Limit vol. 1 story and art by Keiko Suenobu
Mizuki lived a rather ordinary life until what should have been an ordinary school trip goes horribly awry. When the bus crashes and Mizuki is among the only five survivors a fight for survival begins. How will Mizuki and the other survivors survive until help arrives.
Serialized in the shojo (girl’s) comic anthology Bessatsu Friend, Limit grabs hold of the reader from the first page. The story is gripping each step of the way.  While the central plot is a survival thriller the title also deals with the theme of bullying in both a sensitive and realistic way. The entire cast is sympathetic on several levels.
Suenobu has created a scenario which is portrayed realistically; the chcracters behave in a very real manner which adds to the sense of realism. Yet at the same time the plot never loses grip of the reader. The first volume also boasts gorgeous, detailed art. All in all reading Limit is incredible experience deserving nothing short of the highest praise.
Rating 9/10
Limit is available in North America in print from Vertical.

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