Thursday 14 March 2013

07 Ghost vol. 1 & 2

07 Ghost vol. 1 & 2 Story by Yuki Amemiya, Art by Yukino Ichihara

Born into royalty and growing up as a slave before joining the military, Teito Klein is beholder of a tragic fate. His fate is forever changed one day when memories of his past flood his mind. Can Klein unravel the many heavily guarded mysteries surrounding him?

Serialized in the josei (women’s) comic anthology Monthly Comic Zero-Sum in Japan, 07 Ghost has a surprisingly complex mythos and a very fascinating world in general. It is easy to sympathize with the protagonist and the cast in general feels well rounded. It is easy to see why the series was popular enough to spawn an animated adaptation which is good in its own right.

The series is not without fault, though, it has confusing action scenes which require doubling back in order to garner a better understanding of what is happening. The character designs in general are also somewhat unmemorable. Regardless, 07 Ghost is a solid fantasy series, worth, at the very least, checking out.

07 Ghost volumes 1 and 2 are available in print in North America from Viz Media.

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