Wednesday 21 August 2013

Dire Hearts chapter 1 review

Dire Hearts chapter 1 Story and Art by Christy Lijewski

As Rose carries out her daily life at Vector Magical Academy she recollects memories that have certain blank spots. After conversing with her teacher and partner she still just is not quite certain what it means to be herself. Will Rose solve all the mysteries or will she not?

Serialized in the monthly mixed media Sparkler Monthly, Dire Hearts is not without flaw. The art is awkward at times and the story thus far does not have much of a hook. That having been said the title is a fun read and is a light one too. The first chapter does a decent job of establishing the world and characters.

The art also deserves credit for being distinct and at times nice to look at. The heroine is not the most compelling character thus far. In conclusion the first chapter of Dire Hearts is somewhat lackluster but shows promise. I look forward to subsequent installments!

Rating: 6/10

Dire Hearts is published by Chromatic Press. 

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