Sunday 1 February 2015

Hi-Fi Cluster Chapters 11-18 review

Hi-Fi Cluster Chapters 11-18 story & art by Ippei  Goto  Review

                In this final stretch of chapters, Cluster is charging forward at full force (until the last chapter where it gives some sort of vaguely optimistic, tonally jarring epilogue). As of this writing it is unclear if Cluster will leave any sort of impact on manga readers in the west let alone be remembered. I’m going to lean towards no for both. Although there seems to be forthcoming series replicating the failed formula. There really is little to say about the manga itself beyond that. It had a neat concept and had some compelling moments but, ultimately, wasn’t long for the world. It is a short read, though, and while flawed  it is also entertaining so if you have a means of reading it in its entirety and have yet to do so I recommend  giving it a read.

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