Thursday 6 September 2018

Elegance Eve September 2018

I enjoyed this issue much better than the previous one. At the time, I had been adjusting to Japanese text and was not able to obtain much of value from my experience with the previous issue of Elegance Eve. This issue was hit or miss but the series which struck a cord with me created such fascinating narratives I was unaware existed in Japanese josei manga. Elegance Eve seems to be targeting a broader audience than perhaps the name lets on. Yes, there are series for housewives(which were also emotionally swaying reads by the way). In addition, there were also some alternative comics which would not have been out of place in an American indie zine. My goal initially with discussing the magazines is to scratch the surface of the various notable Japanese shojo and josei manga as well as to catalogue my own experiences as I am unfamiliar with the astonishingly greater variety in content which comes with reading manga in Japanese. I would like to explore the actual contents of the magazines down the road at some point. It would be fantastic to get people reading more comics targeted at girls and women since there is a great variety of content which is unknown to most people. At one point I asked a friend what they thought of when they saw the words manga and anime they immediately grasped for Naruto. Now, this post seems to be straying further and further from its original intent so I believe I will call it a night. 

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