Tuesday 5 June 2012


Moehime Story and Art by Koito Akiyama
Tomoe, an identifying fujoshi (female comic geek in Japan) and daughter of a noble, is petrified of other people. One day while settling into her new home she encounters a group of yokai. Thus a tale begins of their wacky escapades.
Moehime is a light-hearted series and it is well aware of it. The characters are lovable and memorable and the plotline is fun. Most importantly however this series explores a subject matter which rarely appears in the west: fujoshi culture and it is all the more memorable for it.
While several comics arrive in the west from Japan exploring otaku (male comic geek in Japan) culture few series explore it’s aforementioned counterpart fujoshi culture with as much depth as this series does. Add-in the fact the historical setting of this title and you have a series well worth recommending!
Moehime is available on JManga

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