Tuesday 19 June 2012


Nonnonba Story and Art by Shigeru Mizuki
Shige spends his days playing soldier and with his brothers. Though his world may be constantly changing, however, there is always one constant: the titular Nonnonba and her tales of the yokai. Experience a world of magic and wonder!
Shigeru Mizuki’s tale is, if nothing else, fascinating seamlessly blurring the line between fantasy  and reality. Mizuki details his childhood in this sophisticated comic. While the protagonist is a child this is something recommended for a more mature audience due both tone and subject matter.
The story’s primary focus is on the drama within Mizuki’s family as well as the characters he meets.  Mizuki’s artwork is distinct and memorable as are the characters. Accompanying the story is an article and notes providing information on Japanese culture to those unfamiliar as well as an article. All-in-all it is clear that much effort was put into the release of Nonnonba and it is quite clear why. This is easily a title worth recommending
Nonnonba is available in print in North America from Drawn & Quarterly.

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