Thursday 27 March 2014

Stealth Symphony Chapter 4 review

Stealth Symphony Chapter 4 Story by Ryohgo Narita, Art by Yoichi Amano Review
As of chapter 4 the series continues to falter in everything but the artwork. The plot is moving at a glacial pace and the series as a whole feels more and more awkward with each passing chapter. The promise at the end of a chapter of what I presume to be a cat girl leaves me less optimistic about future chapters.  The series also has one other major problem: it’s heavy on exposition.

                 Instead of actually having the artwork show the world we get very text heavy pages which disrupt the flow. This is a shame because it seems to be an interesting enough world to explore. Again, to the series’ credit the characters other than the protagonist are intriguing but the series has some serious ironing out to do if it wishes to live up to its potential.

Rating: 4/10

Stealth Symphony is available from Viz Media.

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