Friday 7 March 2014

Suzuka Episodes 1-5 review

Suzuka Episodes 1-5  Directed Hiroshi Fukutomi, Produced by Studio Comet Review

When Yamato moves to Tokyo he finds himself living in his aunt’s apartment complex. He soon meets a girl named Suzuka and a girl he met once as a child named Honoka. Naturally romance is in the air!
Suzuka is if nothing else a decent romance thus far that being said it has little else going for it. The voice acting is subpar especially for the male lead at least in the English dub. Most of the series problems stem from the main character, Yamato, who just really does little more than serve as the audience`s insert character. To be fair at least a few member of the rest of the cast are far more interesting.
Outside of the ending credits there`s really nothing interesting going on visually. The lack of fan service for the most part is certainly a plus though. The series other main problem aside from the male lead is that it seems to squarely focus on the romance which would be fine except Yamato has the personality of a wall and thus the romance alone cannot carry the series. In conclusion, Suzuka is very much a middle of the road type of show. If pure romances with Gary-Stu self-insert characters is your cup of tea this might be the series for you. If not, you might want to search elsewhere for your entertainment.

Rating: 5/10

Suzuka is streaming and is available on home video from Funimation. 

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