Tuesday 2 December 2014

Salty Studio Chapters 1-26 review

Salty Studio Chapters 1-26 story & art by Omyo Review

From the publisher: “Togeun used to work for his father’s company without any passion, so he quits his job and moves out from his parents’ house in order to follow his dream in drawing. At the homecoming party (reunion party), Togeun begs Sonagi, a great illustrator, to teach him how to draw.”

Salty Studio has, if nothing else, really nice artwork. Its biggest flaw is the molasses like pacing. The series takes a long time to go from plot point to plot point. Instead the series opts to coast on nostalgia. To be fair the series uses its slow pacing wisely: often having character development mixed in between gags. Which brings me to the humor which is far more miss than hit. In conclusion Salty Studio has a number of flaws whether one is in search of Josei comics might very well be a deciding factor on whether or not they will pick this series up to read.

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