Wednesday 10 December 2014

The Diary of Ochibi Chapters 1-37 review

The Diary of Ochibi Chapters 1-37 Story & Art by Moyoco Anno Review

From the publisher: “I can help you laugh, but I can't take away the tears you've shed." In Mametsubu-cho, a town somewhere in the ancient Japanese city of Kamakura, Ochibi lives a relaxed, easy life. With his friend Nazeni the dog, Jack the naughty kitten, and Pankui the hungry dog, Ochibi's year in Mametsubu-cho is filled with encounters and new discoveries! Flower-viewing in spring, swimming in summer, collecting leaves in fall, and eating yummy food in winter. The changing seasons are drawn with a”

   The Diary of Ochibi may very well be the most adorable series you’ll ever read. Anno put a lot of detail into the gorgeous full color artwork. This series is radically different in tone and stylistically from any manga I’ve read before. Honestly I found the protagonist was a character I was able to sympathize with quite a bit. Ochibi is a very easy character to like and the series as a whole is genuinely heartwarming. There really is not overarching narrative per se. The series mostly functions as a series of one page vignettes. IN contrast it becomes apparent that not much effort was put into translating it with dialogue frequently going out of the bubble. In conclusion I would say read Ochibi if you enjoy series which are cute and innocent.  

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