Tuesday 5 January 2016

Comic Corral #3

Comic Corral #3: Jolly Jojo New Year!
By Geordi Demorest

Happy New Year to all! Here’s another spree of meandering writings about what I was reading and watching over the holidays.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure seasons 1-3: After my Black Butler marathon I thought I would follow it up with another homoerotic shonen series and sunk my teeth into Jojo. With Diamond is Unbreakable start in a few months which was certainly being a motivator. With Jojo being the series it is of course they kill my beloved Iggy the dog. At least they give him and the other characters that kicked the bucket in this part a Lion King send off. Stardust Crusaders is my least favorite of the Jojo parts to date, with how long it is and its less than stellar finale, though it too is a really good series in its own way. There are lots of creative ideas and cheesy moments in the third part so it certainly has its positives. Part two Jojo is rather frustrating as a character but again that’s probably more of a personal taste for protagonists.

Cuticle Detcetive Inaba vol. 1 & 2: I was surprised by how much I liked this series. I admit to not being the biggest fan of the anime with how it rushes through scenes but the source material never feels rushed despite the episodic nature of the first volume or so. I think the clincher was when they finally introduced the true antagonist who gives the series more of an overarching and somewhat compelling plot.

Nanbaka vol. 1: It takes the volume forever and a day to truly introduce the cast much of the book meanders from gag to gag only at the end revealing the protagonist’s motivation. There isn’t a whole lot else to bring up about this series apart from the bright, vivid colors which compelled me to continue. 

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