Sunday 31 August 2014

Blue Exorcist Chapters 1-59 review

Blue Exorcist Story & Art by Kazue Kato Chapters 1-59 Review

From Viz Manga: “Raised by Father Fujimoto, a famous exorcist, Rin Okumura never knew his real father. One day a fateful argument with Father Fujimoto forces Rin to face a terrible truth—the blood of the demon lord Satan runs in Rin’s veins! Rin swears to defeat Satan, but doing that means entering the mysterious True Cross Academy and becoming an exorcist himself. Can Rin fight demons and keep his infernal bloodline a secret? It won't be easy, especially when drawing his father’s sword releases the demonic power within him!”

Despite the rather standard set-up, Blue Exorcist is rather well crafted. It boasts gorgeous artwork leaps and bounds better than many of its peers. The world itself is rather neat and the majority of the core cast is sympathetic. That being the case, antagonists are often more cartoonish than threatening even considering the medium.

The majority of the cast has had a character arc thus far with bits of character development strewn throughout. Not mistakes should be made though: this is still very much a standard shonen action series. I have yet to watch the animated television adaption but as of writing have heard mixed reviews of it. In conclusion, Blue Exorcist is a fun if standard shonen fare, while there are better works in the field of Japanese comics this will hold one’s attention should they choose to read it. 

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