Sunday 31 August 2014

The Nightmare Before Christmas review

The Nightmare Before Christmas Directed by Henry Selick, Produced by Skellington Productions Review

From IMDB: “Jack Skellington, king of Halloweentown, discovers Christmas Town, but doesn't quite understand the concept.”

                Quite possibly the darkest Christmas film I’ve come across to date, The Nightmare Before Christmas has many things going for it. Its protagonist is rather likeable in an odd way and it is rounded out by a colorful cast of characters. Animation wise it is nice to look at and it boasts fantastic musical numbers.

                The voice acting is quite well done as is the singing. Honestly, my only complaint is the portrayal of humanity who I believe we are meant to sympathize with.  Humanity in this film strikes me as awful as a collective and the viewer is given little time to see their perspective to gain a better understanding of why they do what they do in the film. That being said, this is more a nitpick than anything else. The film as a whole was very well done and well worth recommending! 

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