Sunday 31 August 2014

World Trigger Chapters 1-72 review

World Trigger Story & Art by Daisuke Ashihara Chapters 1-72 Review

When Osamu meets Yuma for the first time they don’t realize the conflicts yet to unfold or really who the other even is. As the war between humanity and aliens, referred to as neighbors, unfolds how will events play out? Can Yuma even be trusted? Soon the two will find themselves embroiled in a web of secrets and a war of epic proportions.

Serialized in the boys’ anthology Weekly Shonen Jump in Japan, World Trigger has a cast of thousands and this can be detrimental at times. This does not become a problem until later chapters though. Earlier chapters feature introducing the core players in the plot. However, this means that thus far character development for many people has been limited at best.  Currently it is probably one of the better manga being serialized in the English version of Weekly Shonen Jump. The world itself is rather dark and fascinating.

Another core character, who is not introduced for a few chapters, is Chika who becomes one of the driving forces for the series. It’s clear the series has a grand story to tell and has already started going in compelling directions. The plot begins to become more gradual in the latter half of this set of chapters with the recent arc running for roughly half a year to date. In conclusion, World Trigger is a rather interesting series and worth a read if one is a fan of science fiction. 

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