Monday 15 September 2014

Hi-Fi Cluster Chapter 1 review

Hi-Fi Cluster Chapter 1 Story & Art by Ippei Goto Review

                Depressed that he isn’t talented with labels like everyone else, Jugojo found himself wrapped up in the world of illegal labels. This all changes when he runs into a mysterious man who turns out to be a member of a special police force dedicated to stopping illegal labels. Can Jugojo’s life be turned around?

                Serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump, Hi-Fi Cluster is derivative of at least half a dozen other series. Jugojo is not a compelling protagonist in the least neither is the rest of the cast. The series struck me as an after school special only the thing they are warning the readers about does not exist.

                The series left very little of an impression on me. I honestly do not see this series continuing on for long. The cliffhanger at the end was interesting so there’s that. The artwork is passable. That’s really all you can say about this series, it is off to a lukewarm start and you will most likely forget it hours after reading it.

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