Monday 8 September 2014

Judos Chapter 1 review

Judos Chapter 1 Story & Art by Shinsuke Kondo Review

When a mysterious boy named Hana arrives at a judo training space he quickly finds himself in quite the situation. Hana must defeat one of the strongest people in the world. As the fight goes on we learn that there is more to our protagonist than a pretty face…

Serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump in Japan, Judos is off to a great start. The comedy is top notch really being the series greatest strength. The action is also surprisingly good. My only complaint is that the art is a little rough. The series seems to take a similar approach to Kuroko’s basketball with its protagonist.

The series is off to a good start! The supporting cast has been colourful and is easily my favorite part about the first chapter providing great gags. All in all the first chapter of Judos is a great read for fans of sports and comedy comics! 

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