Tuesday 23 September 2014

Sporting Salt Chapter 1 review

Sporting Salt Chapter 1 Story & Art by Yuto Kubota Review

                Muscle fetishist Shioya has but 1 goal in life: to be the greatest sports doctor in all Japan! When he encounters a young boy with a crush on a girl, and wants to impress her through running, he knows he must help him. Will Shioya be able to help this boy? And just who is Shioya?

                Serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump in Japan, Sporting Salt has some issues, most of which involve the protagonist who made the comic an insufferable read. If they manage to keep him in the background this series could work. That still leaves another glaring problem howeve: the art is very stiff and at times awkward.

                The chapter did a poor job of introducing the series’ plot revolving mostly around a character we will most likely not see again instead and only starting the plot proper in the final pages. When I said Shioya was insufferable this was not an exaggeration: some might enjoy his personality to me he struck me as a fly that would not leave you alone. He constantly babbled on and grated even on the character’s nerves. So in all you could probably give Sporting Salt a pass and would lose nothing in the process.

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