Thursday 16 October 2014

BB: Knights of Sidonia volumes 2-8 review

BB: Knights of Sidonia volumes 2-8 Story & Art by Tsutomu Nihei Review

Since my last review of the series the manga has since spawned an anime adaptation. I will tackle that another day.  In the meantime the question remains: is the source material worth reading? To that I must say a resounding maybe. If one enjoys mecha series you might find this to be an enjoyable read. However, you have to be willing to play detective and put the pieces together yourself because the series spends little time explaining itself.

Instead it divides its time between romantic comedy antics and truly spectacular giant robot battles. The former is grating while the latter is the series highlight. The problem is how jarring the contrast between them can be. Make the situation depressing is the knowledge that this series is essentially a mainstream sellout on the part of the author. His previous works suffer from similar problems but lacked the grating aspects this series has. So, in conclusion, I would say this chunk of volumes of Knights of Sidonia is very much continuing the trends of the first. Those who enjoyed the early volumes will certainly enjoy these but they will not be changing anyone’s minds.

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