Monday 27 October 2014

Honey Blood volume 1 review

Honey Blood volume 1 story & art by Miko Mitsuki Review

From the publisher: “When a girl at Hinata Sorazono’s school is attacked by what seems to be a bloodsucking vampire, everyone is on edge and wonders who’s next. Hinata refuses to believe that vampires even exist, but then she meets her new neighbor, Junya Tokinaga, the author of an incredibly popular vampire romance novel. Dressed in a kimono with an old-world air about him, Junya has a taste of Hinata’s blood and tells her it’s sweet... Hinata can’t help but be drawn to Junya, but could it be that he’s actually a vampire—and worse yet, the culprit behind the attacks?!”

Retreading several ideas from the supernatural romance subgenre, Honey Blood manages to be both dull and forgettable. It introduces no new ideas and is subpar with the already existing ones. That said the final pages bring with them some promise. However as this series has one other main volume left (the third is supposedly just one-shots and other extras) I do not foresee there being much payoff.

The problem romance novels face is giving the audience a reason to care about their characters and this one gives little. Both leads are rather standard of the genre with little about them being compelling especially the heroine. The male lead also falls into several tropes. All-in-all Honey Blood is a boring read and offers nothing new and will most likely be forgotten moments after being read. 

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