Monday 20 October 2014

The Wheel of Life Chapters 1-13 review

The Wheel of Life Chapters 1-13 Story & Art by Kuranishi Review
From the publisher: “Tokumaru Tokuda is a medical student who is taking a leave of absence from school and spending every day lazily. To search for his big brother who went missing after sending an e-mail saying "Help me", Tokumaru ends up going to "Western Tibet". Using the photo that his brother sent as a hint, Tokumaru and two male guides, Sonam and Namgyal head toward a certain valley. However, it's a valley that not even the locals go near since it is said that the valley brings disaster on anybody that comes near… The three men embark on their long journey on foot in Western Tibet, the land high above the world.”

                The art in this series is the main reason I chose to include it in the column, different from most of the manga I have seen (stylistically at least) Wheel of Life is gorgeous to look at. Content wise, Tokumaru is a rather dull protagonist. The setting is what establishes this series apart from other shojo comics. Set in Tibet it is a breath of fresh air in a medium with often very standard settings. It is clear effort went into drawing this. In conclusion, I would say Wheel of Life is an engrossing read. I cannot wait to read more!

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