Saturday 22 November 2014

Investor Z Chapter 1 review

Investor Z Chapter 1 Story & Art by Norifusa Mita Review

From the publisher: “Mita Norifusa, whose "Dragon Zakura" started a revolution in Japan's world of entrance exams, now brings you another school-drama manga about stock investments! Zaizen Takashi passes his entrance exams at the top of the heap, and starts his first year in junior high school at Dojuku Gakuen, a 130-year old super-advanced institute of higher education. The day after the entrance ceremony, "the secret" of the school is revealed to him, which concerns the existence of an”

What begins as a rather tensionless awkwardly drawn premiere chapter gradually escalates into a much more compelling plot about investing. I am curious to see where the manga goes from here. The artwork is not without issue: characters frequently go off model. That being said the potential for the plot not to mention the excellent writing make at the very least sampling the series a must!

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