Thursday 27 November 2014

Space Brothers Chapters 188-240 review

Space Brothers Chapters 188-240 by Chuya Koyama Review

With each span of chapters the series improves upon its already excellent base. It excels in every aspect. One thing I had not noticed before was just how varied the character designs look. Each character in the cast is distinct in both visual and personality ways.  Koyama’s artwork is really gorgeous and detailed and seems to keep improving still. The only issue I have at this point is the pacing which drags a touch which may be off-putting to some. That being said this is a rather trivial problem and Koyama makes the pacing work to the comic’s advantage.

What really shines in these chapters is the character development and growth of both the main and ever expanding supporting cast. This is something the series as a whole is great at but I have only really come to appreciate the full breadth of it recently. Is the fight to save the ISS. It really drives home the message about the power of true friendship and is anchored by the lingering subplot about Sharon’s deteriorating health. It brings out a wide range of emotions in the reader. In conclusion I would say Space Brothers is a pleasure to read and is well worth the time investment. 

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