Tuesday 31 July 2012

Jormungand vol. 1

Jormungand vol. 1 Story and Art by Keitaro Takahashi
 Koko, a weapon’s merchant, hires former child soldier Jonah as part of her crew. Many adventures await for the pair as well as the rest of Koko’s crew. An adrenaline-pumping journey in which gunshots and explosions are abounded begins!
Serialized in Monthly Sunday Gene-X, Jormungand is brimming to the seams with action. However even those who enjoy titles in a similar vein of Hollywood action titles will not be pleased. The reader is given little reason to care for these characters who seem perfectly fine (or in some cases glee in) killing. Thus far the majority of the cast seems underdeveloped.
The result is a title in which the explosions have no meaning. There’s literally zero tension and the reader has zero reason to care whether the characters live or die. Jormungand has one bright side however and that is in the slick artwork and action scenes which for now is enough to keep me reading.
Jormungand is available in print format from Viz Media.

Wednesday 4 July 2012

Inu Boku Secret Service episodes 1-12

Inu Boku Secret Service episodes 1-12  Directed by Naokatsu Suda, Produced by David Production 
Ririchyo has always had difficulties becoming closer to those around her, a problem due in no small part to the cruel words she says. However these words are often the farthest thing from how she truly feels. A mysterious man named Soshi appears and proclaims himself as her dog who sees through her fa├žade. Can Soshi bring out Ririchiyo’s true self?
Animated in Japan, Inu Boku is, if nothing else, easy on the eyes. The character designs are appealing for both male and female characters. The story is at it’s best when focusing on Ririchiyo’s internal conflicts which are fascinating on their own.
The rest of the cast however, feels largely like one note gags for most of the series run and the humour often falls flat. Super deformed art is used far too often though it can be amusing at times. For most of the show’s run the plot meanders this changes in the last few episodes but by this point the audience has long stopped caring. All in all Inu Boku Secret Service is dull and forgettable. Skip it.
Rating: 5.5/10
Inu Boku Secret Sevice is streaming on Crunchyroll and The Anime Network with a home video release scheduled for release by Sentai Filmworks in North America.