Sunday 11 March 2018

Aposimz chapters 1-5 Review

Tsutomu Nihei’s Aposimz is a grand science fiction epic set in a bizarre world. The artwork is gorgeous, hauntingly portraying the horrific events of the story. The setting is fascinatingly somber. The world of Aposimz is perpetually snow covered. The one issue I had is that the narrative is holding its cards close to its chest so far.

There are so many aspects of this universe which would be fascinating to understand more about but Aposimz is through and through a Tsutomu Nihei work. Nihei’s narratives dive into the surreal worlds with the reader often being swept along for the experience. This almost always leaves it up to the reader to pick up and interpret the narrative themselves and Aposimz is no exception to this rule. Even Nihei’s arguably most reader friendly work, Knights of Sidonia is still obtuse at times. Aposimz is another intriguing work from an exceptionally talented manga creator. I cannot recommend this experience enough!