Friday 24 August 2018

Shojo Comic issue 18 (2018), Hana to Yume issue 17 (2018)

Shojo Comic issue 18 (2018)
Decided to start using this blog again.

Shojo Comic issue 18 offered an interesting mix of titles this issue had very little smut compared to other issues I've read and the action scenes were genuinely intense for series which had them. Shojo Comic is a very easy read even for a novice to Japanese like myself. The artwork is really detailed although this isn't Hana to Yume levels of diversity in content and tones for narratives which is kind of unfortunate. 

Hana to Yume issue 17 (2018)
This issue offered a broad range of stories that make it worth the purchase for casual manga readers. The overall storytelling was phenomenal and the artwork was amazing. Oresama Teacher is quickly catching my attention. The series is released in English under Viz Media's Shojo Beat imprint. I honestly feel compelled to go back and read the entire series properly but with no digital edition and certain volumes from the series being out of print in Canada makes me hesitant to actually do so. Hana to Yume is markedly more fantasy leaning than Shojo Comic this issue which made for a refreshing contrast when reading the two issues the same day.

I'm not going to make any promises whether I'll start using this blog more regularly or not since things seem to get in the way a lot the last few years. I will try though.