Tuesday 30 September 2014

World Trigger Chapter 76 review

World Trigger Chapter 76 Story & Art by Daisuke Ashihara Review

With Osamu and Chika’s lives continuing to be in the balance, one of the most important battles in the series to date takes place. The entire affair plays out with much imagination and excitement. This chapter was very well done. It showcases Ashihara’s great artwork and it is nice to see some character development however brief for series’ mascot Replica. In conclusion, despite having gone on for roughly half a year, this arc continues to be well worth reading. 

Nisekoi Chapter 140 review

Nisekoi Chapter 140 Story & Art by Naoshi Komi Review

Instead of creating any actual tension or plot developments, as per usual, the series decides to waste the audience’s time by resolving the chapter with a wacky joke. The problem with Nisekoi is that, at any given time, the plot could be so easily resolved.  Yet the series chooses to drag on carrying the audience with it. Also of note the princess who had been at the centre of the series for a full month is notably missing this chapter. So in conclusion Nisekoi’s most recent chapter accomplishes little if anything as per usual; make of that what you will.

Monday 29 September 2014

Sporting Salt Chapter 2 review

Sporting Salt Chapter 2 Story & Art by Yuto Kubota Review

                As a protagonist Shioya makes for an entertaining lead the problem is the rest of the series which is mediocre at best dull at worst. I feel it is worth mentioning the main cast from chapter 1 does not even appear in this chapter. The problem with this chapter and I fear will be for the series as a whole is that we are given so little time and reason to care about the story. The formula is already starting to wear thin after just a few chapters. So in conclusion, you could probably skip this series. 

Hi-Fi Cluster Chapter 3 review

Hi-Fi Cluster Chapter 3 Story & Art by Ippei  Goto Review

                With the mechanics of the world out of the way we now finally get to see the first character in the series colorful supporting cast. The protagonist is still as dull as ever but the world and other cast members make the series worth a read. The action is slick in this chapter showing a marked improvement over the first two chapters. So all-in-all the series seem to improve with each passing chapter and is a lot of fun.

elDLIVE Chapter 1 review

elDLIVE Chapter 1 Story & Art by Akira Amano Review

Thought of as crazy by all his classmates, Chuta‘s life turns upside down one day when he meets a little blue alien. Forced to choose whether or not to become a space police officer, Chuta chooses the former but first he must pass a test that further warps the world he thought he knew. Will he succeed?

elDLIVE is a great read! The protagonist is decently compelling; the comedy works more often than not, the ideas are interesting, and the series is poised to be a fun read. Amano’s art is probably the greatest point about the series. It is gorgeous, full color artwork that really grabs the eye. I really have no complaints about it.

It has plenty of potential and begins to show it near the end. Okay, I suppose I have one complaint, before the plot kicks into full gear the school life was rather dull. Otherwise, elDLIVE is an easy to recommend read!

Wednesday 24 September 2014

Seraph of the End Chapter 25 review

Seraph of the End Chapter 25 Story by Takaya Kagami, Art by Yamato Yamamoto, Story Boards by Daisuke Furuya Review

                This chapter is largely forgettable. It serves mainly as a start of a pointless and out of nowhere battle between Yuichiro and his superior along with the friends they both have. It feels rather odd as they are currently waiting on an impending attack by the vampires. What I am trying to say is this fight serves little purpose than to increase the series page count and delaying the battle between humans and vampires which the series has been building up for several chapters. The art is slick as per usual but this plot thread could have been cut altogether and no one would be the wiser.

Tuesday 23 September 2014

One-Punch Man Chapters 37.2 & 37.3 review

One-Punch Man Chapters 37.2 & 37.3 Story by ONE, Art by Yusuke Murata Review

                These chapters exhibit the series’ best points namely its cool art and slick action scenes. One-Punch Man makes for a great read on a regular basis. It is mindless fun. It really is a shame they were rather short chapters though as at times it feels insubstantial. In conclusion, these chapters of One-Punch Man are well worth reading and make for a pleasant diversion.

Blue Exorcist Chapter 60 review

Blue Exorcist Chapter 60 Story & Art by Kazue Kato Review

                This was a rather nice chapter. It was great seeing character development for the supporting cast and having the majority of the chapter dedicated to it was a nice touch. The artwork was gorgeous and it ended on a neat 2 page spread which really brought out my favorite point in the series: Rin’s powers. So, in conclusion, great chapter that is worth reading!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal Chapter 46 review

Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal Chapter 46 Story by Shin Yoshida, Art by Yaoihito Miyoshi, Original concept by Kazuki Takahashi, Production Support by Studio Dice Review

                Naturally as it felt like the series was drawing to a close, they felt compelled to create a way to draw it out even longer. To be fair, this series has fleshed out its main cast in recent chapters. However, I am just beyond caring anymore. The plot is so nonsensical at this point there really is no caring anymore. So in conclusion you are probably best with not even starting Zexal.

Hi-Fi Cluster Chapter 2 review

Hi-Fi Cluster Chapter 2 Story & Art by Ippei Goto Review

                This chapter is a HUGE improvement over the first. We finally get a better understanding of the world and the world itself is rather intriguing. The series itself is mostly potential at this point though. The series manages to set itself apart from other shonen series by being more tactics based than sheer brute force which comprises much of shonen manga. So in conclusion, I highly recommend checking out this series! It really is a great read thus far.

Judos Chapter 3 review

Judos Chapter 3 Story & Art by Shinsuke Kondo Review

                Perhaps a bit if a step down from the first two chapters, chapter 3 was nonetheless an enjoyable read. Some of the comedy fell flat, some of it worked. The chapter was more world building which was very welcome. The story raises several questions about how this all works though: how does the village stay hidden? Supposedly it has been doing this for 400 years, surely the outside world would have noticed by now. Regardless, this chapter was a fun read! I hope to read more in the future.

Sporting Salt Chapter 1 review

Sporting Salt Chapter 1 Story & Art by Yuto Kubota Review

                Muscle fetishist Shioya has but 1 goal in life: to be the greatest sports doctor in all Japan! When he encounters a young boy with a crush on a girl, and wants to impress her through running, he knows he must help him. Will Shioya be able to help this boy? And just who is Shioya?

                Serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump in Japan, Sporting Salt has some issues, most of which involve the protagonist who made the comic an insufferable read. If they manage to keep him in the background this series could work. That still leaves another glaring problem howeve: the art is very stiff and at times awkward.

                The chapter did a poor job of introducing the series’ plot revolving mostly around a character we will most likely not see again instead and only starting the plot proper in the final pages. When I said Shioya was insufferable this was not an exaggeration: some might enjoy his personality to me he struck me as a fly that would not leave you alone. He constantly babbled on and grated even on the character’s nerves. So in all you could probably give Sporting Salt a pass and would lose nothing in the process.

Monday 15 September 2014

World Trigger Chapter 74 & 75 review

World Trigger Chapter 74 & 75 story & art by Daisuke Ashihara Review

                As the start of what this whole arc has been building up to begins to unfurl, World Trigger proves that its enormous cast was established with reason. With great art and spectacular action scenes World Trigger has proven once again it is an addictive read each week. It is nice to finally see some character development for the supporting cast. It is worth noting that World Trigger has increasingly felt tone-wise as well as stylistically like Bleach. 

Judos Chapter 2 review

Judos Chapter 2 story & art by Shinsuke Kondo Review

                Picking up shortly after where the previous chapter left off, we finally learn the plot for the series as well as the reason for its name. The series improves its quality considerably in this chapter and the plot being set in motion is rather interesting. The comedy also runs strong in this chapter. So all-in-all chapter 2 of Judos proved to be a fun reading experience.

Hi-Fi Cluster Chapter 1 review

Hi-Fi Cluster Chapter 1 Story & Art by Ippei Goto Review

                Depressed that he isn’t talented with labels like everyone else, Jugojo found himself wrapped up in the world of illegal labels. This all changes when he runs into a mysterious man who turns out to be a member of a special police force dedicated to stopping illegal labels. Can Jugojo’s life be turned around?

                Serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump, Hi-Fi Cluster is derivative of at least half a dozen other series. Jugojo is not a compelling protagonist in the least neither is the rest of the cast. The series struck me as an after school special only the thing they are warning the readers about does not exist.

                The series left very little of an impression on me. I honestly do not see this series continuing on for long. The cliffhanger at the end was interesting so there’s that. The artwork is passable. That’s really all you can say about this series, it is off to a lukewarm start and you will most likely forget it hours after reading it.

Monday 8 September 2014


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Moving forward, VIZ Media will simultaneously premiere the first three chapters (one chapter per week) of every brand new, first-run manga series that appears in the Japanese Weekly Shonen Jump in its digital English language edition on the same day of that issue’s general print release in Japan.

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VIZ Media’s WEEKLY SHONEN JUMP is also set to feature the English language premiere of Ippei Goto’s new sci-fi crime thriller – HI-FI CLUSTER – beginning in the September 15th issue, and will offer Yuto Kubota’s sports medicine manga – SPORTING SALT – debuting the September 23rd issue. Future series premieres will be announced as news becomes available from Weekly Shonen Jump (Japan) publisher and VIZ Media parent company, Shueisha, Inc.

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Judos Chapter 1 review

Judos Chapter 1 Story & Art by Shinsuke Kondo Review

When a mysterious boy named Hana arrives at a judo training space he quickly finds himself in quite the situation. Hana must defeat one of the strongest people in the world. As the fight goes on we learn that there is more to our protagonist than a pretty face…

Serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump in Japan, Judos is off to a great start. The comedy is top notch really being the series greatest strength. The action is also surprisingly good. My only complaint is that the art is a little rough. The series seems to take a similar approach to Kuroko’s basketball with its protagonist.

The series is off to a good start! The supporting cast has been colourful and is easily my favorite part about the first chapter providing great gags. All in all the first chapter of Judos is a great read for fans of sports and comedy comics! 

Saturday 6 September 2014

World Trigger chapter 73 review

World Trigger chapter 73 Story & Art by Daisuke Ashihara

                Tensions continue to escalate as nothing less than the lives of the characters we have come to know and care about are at stake. The series also goes from a cast of thousands to a cast of tens of thousands as even more characters are introduced. If there is one complaint which could be made for this series it’s that there has been little development for the ever growing supporting cast. That being said, this chapter boasts great action. Another positive is how the author is capable of making easy to differentiate between characters. In all World Trigger continues to dazzle and amaze.

Nisekoi chapter 136 review

Nisekoi chapter 136 story & art by Naoshi Komi Review

Did someone say “riddle the plot with clich├ęs?” I think they did! And to add insult to injury we get another romantic interest for our personality lacking lead. As if the cast was not large enough for a romantic comedy already. Mercifully this chapter seems to have little to no fan service but otherwise it’s mostly unbearable. So in all I’d say this chapter was more of the same but with the catch that the author is running low on ideas.

Joshi Kausei chapters 1-8 review

Joshi Kausei  Story & Art by Ken Wakai chapters 1-8 Review

From Crunchyroll: “Who needs dialog when you're this cute? The beautiful (but unlucky) Momoko, the cool, collected Shibumi, and the refreshingly innocent Mayumi star in a "silent manga." No speeches, no dialog! Just pictures, sound effects, and three high school girls living their daily lives.”

                Slice-of-life Japanese animation and comics has two modes: mindless and coming of age stories. Joshi Kausei falls into the former category. What establishes this series apart from its countless peers is the lack of dialogue bubbles. Art wise it also is very nice to look at as well. The series is a pleasant diversion with chapters being rather short.

                The series will not thrill or captivate most people. The fan service feels uncomfortable and out of place and clashes with the tone of the series as a whole. All-in-all Joshi Kausei is off to a decent start though it has its flaws. If one is not averse to them however this may prove to be a pleasant enough break in a day.