Saturday 22 April 2017

Chihayafuru volume 1 review

I was debating whether to blog again yet here I am! With that out of the way let's dig into Chihayafuru, shall we?

Much like the Chihayafuru anime, volume 1 of the Chihayafuru manga is a deeply moving experience. Chihaya is a compellingly written strong lead herself but the supporting cast is just as strong filled with colourful characters who immediately leave a strong and loving impression. Volume 1 is more of a prologue but it establishes many core elements for the series as well as the emotional core of the manga. When I finished reading I desperately wanted to read more right away. The artwork is also gorgeously expressive. It's impossible not to be swept up in Chihaya's infectious positivity. It's a small story there are no cheap narrative gimmicks just really solid writing complete with characters who feels very real yet at the same time lovable. The series also focuses very little on romance for readers who that might be an issue for going into it. This is a very moving manga about a Japanese poem game.