Sunday 12 August 2012

Jormungand vol. 2 & 3

Jormungand vol. 2 & 3, Story and Art by Keitaro Takahashi
Jonah, Koko, and the rest of the crew’s exploits continue. Get ready for one bullet crazy adventure! One question remains however: Will our heroes survive?
It speaks volumes about a series when one of the most memorable things in a book is the one character’s-lack-of-underwear subplot which is played straight. The only other notable area in these books is Jonah’s long overdue backstory which appears in the third volume. Jormungand remains by-and-large a forgettable title.
Those in search of adrenaline filled titles will be satisfied but anyone looking for substance of any kind really will be sorely disappointed. Even the adrenaline moments feel meaningless because there is practically zero emotional attachment to the characters. One point in this series favour, though,  is how stylish it is but even that will not be enough to keep readers interested.
Jormungand is available in print format from Viz Media.

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