Wednesday 28 November 2012

Paradise Kiss vol.1

Paradise Kiss vol. 1 story & Art by Ai Yazawa
Yukari lived an average life until the day she entered Paradise Kiss. That day, her life would change forever, as she delves into the world of fashion. For Yukari, a new journey is about to unfold and along the way she meets several quirky individuals most notably bad boy George. What awaits for Yukari in the world of fashion that is Paradise Kiss?
Serialized in the Josei (women’s) comic anthology Zipper in Japan, Paradise Kiss explores Yukari’s journey through the world of fashion. The entire cast is interesting and well developed featuring memorable characters and countless memorable moments. It is a title really anyone could enjoy and relate too. The protagonist Yukari comes across as a flawed yet relatable person as do all the characters.
The title also sports a gorgeous artwork which is to be expected from Yazawa. The pacing is perfect: not a panel is wasted. The series strikes the perfect balance between gut-busting humour and coming-of-age drama.  All-in-all Paradise Kiss is an excellent title which remains with the reader well after the final page.
Rating: 10/10
Paradise Kiss is available in North America in print from Vertical.

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