Thursday 21 February 2013

GTO: 14 Days of Shonan vol. 7

GTO: 14 Days of Shonan vol. 7 Story & Art by Tohru Fujisawa

Eikichi Onizuka must help his students come to realizations about themselves. Onizuka’s methods, however, are a little unorthodox.  Join Eikichi’s students for a crash course on life!

Serialized in the Japanese shonen (boys’) comic anthology Weekly Shonen Magazine, Great Teacher Onizuka is an entertaining if somewhat dry series. The aforementioned title feels very organic with surreal situations and fun, yet at the same time, sympathetic characters. The titular character Onizuka, in particular, is impossible to not love.

The series is relatively episodic in this volume and thus works as an excellent introduction to the franchise. The franchise itself spans an animated television series, several comic series, as well as television dramas and specials. Overall volume seven of the series is a lot of fun and is a great way to pass a cold winter’s evening.

GTO: 14 Days of Shonan is available in print in North America from Vertical Inc.

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