Thursday 11 April 2013

Karneval episode 1 review

Karneval episode 1 review directed by Eiji Suganuma, produced by Manglobe

While continuing his everyday life as a thief, Gareki  meets Nai. Nai’s bracelet catches Gareki’s eye; the two strike a bargain: Gareki will free Nai on the condition that he can have the braclet. Nai agrees and the pair sets out, but the road before them, naturally, will not be an easy one.

Based on a manga published in the Josei (women’s) comic anthology Comic Zero-Sum, Karneval is a stylish yet somewhat confusing series from the get-go. The character designs are distinct, sadly not all of the characters are. Nai, in particular, is largely without personality which is a big problem considering he’s the protagonist. The first episode also suffers from odd pacing moving far too quickly to be properly appreciated.

The animation is where the series truly shines. The show is bright, colorful, and visually appeasing. And while the protagonist is quite the blank slate the rest of the main cast is rather interesting. In conclusion, Karneval is a delightful mess, thus far, and I am anticipating future episodes.

Rating: 6/10

Karneval is currently streaming in the United States and Canada on Funimation’s website. 

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