Wednesday 2 April 2014

Summer Wars Vol. 1 & 2 review

Summer Wars Vol. 1 & 2 Story by Mamoru Hosoda, Art by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto & Igura Sugimoto Review

Math genius Kenji quickly finds himself being passed off as a fake fiancĂ©e and going to meet his friend’s family when things take a turn for the worse. A virus called Love Machine causes mass havoc in the virtual world of OZ which in turn affects the real world. It’s up to Kenji, his girlfriend (?) and her family to stop it! But will they be able to in time?

Serialized in the seinen (men’s) comic anthology Young Ace in Japan, Summer Wars adapts the film of the same name into comic format. It works surprisingly well: the characters resonate regardless of the medium and the artwork is nice enough though it may not be on the same level as the film. The manga adaptation does an excellent job of portraying the world seen in the film while still doing enough to establish itself as its own thing.

That being said the manga still has one thing that annoyed me in the film the comic relief/mascot characters do nothing beneficial but unlike other series where they’re simply superfluous they hinder the plot at crucial points. That being said, the characters are very likeable and neither book contains much in the way of offensive material. In conclusion the manga adaptation is a welcomed companion to the film and comes highly recommended!

Rating: 8.5/10

Review copy of volume 2 provided by the publisher.

Summer Wars is available in print from Vertical Inc.

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