Sunday 15 June 2014

Utsubora the Story of a Novelist review

Utsubora the Story of a Novelist Story & Art by Asumiko Nakamura Review

                Jun Mizorogi is a famous novelist but not all is what it seems with him. Upon hearing of the death of a fan of his he meets her twin sister. Along the way he is caught in the act of attempting plagiarism. Thus begins his downward descent into madness.

                Serialized in Manga Erotics F, Utsubora is a fascinating story of a novelist’s downward spiral. Nakamura’s artwork is gorgeous. There’s not a character that is not well developed; each character is a cog in a rather refined clockwork puzzle.

                That being said the book is not without flaw. It is rather long and lacks cohesion in parts. In the end, I was not entirely clear on all the details as it became rather complicated. That being said, it was nonetheless a compelling read for adult readers.

Rating: 8/10

Utsubora is available in print from Vertical Inc.

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