Monday 1 December 2014

Gakyu Hotei: School Judgement Chapter 1 review

Gakyu Hotei: School Judgement Chapter 1 Story by Nobuaki Enoki, Art by Takeshi Obata Review

                From the publisher: “The world is experiencing an "era of educational collapse"! In order to combat it, the government has introduced a revolutionary new system into grade schools called the School Judgment System! A system of the children, by the children, and for the children. Students can take each other to court with real-life consequences! One of the toughest lawyers just started school, and he's going to find out just who cut up the classroom pet—a super cute fish! Get ready for some serious courtroom action in the classroom drama!”

                Great artwork? Yes! Entertaining? Most certainly! Well written? Thus far it is impossible to tell. There is so much nonsense going on and it is only the first chapter. I have no idea whether this series is trying taking itself seriously or not. It is clear a lot of effort and passion went into this chapter though. It is awful hard for me to not compare this to the artist’s past successes and how those at least had some grounding in reality. If one is looking for something truly unique and a breath of fresh air in a medium that is known for its overuse of tropes and clichés I’d say read this for those who are huge fans of the artist’s darker work I would say stick with those for the time being. For myself there is no way to avert my gaze from this oddity.

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