Wednesday 3 May 2017

A Perfect day for Love Letters volume 1 Review

With George Asakura's manga being finally released in English again in roughly 2 weeks I thought I would take a brief look at one of her previously translated works that I'd forgotten I had sitting on my shelf unread for so many years. 

A Perfect day for Love Letters volume 1 is an anthology of sorts which compiles various George Asakura short stories themed around love letters. The first 3 chapters follow an oddly specific narrative structure while chapters 4 and 5 more or less break away from the framework the book establishes in wildly different ways. The storytelling is strong in each of the short stories, While I had been curious about her much longer Drowning Love, known in Japan as Oboreru Knife, manga and her other works. A Perfect Day for Love Letters makes a perfect entry point into George Asakura's works even if it is sadly incomplete and out of print in English. 

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