Sunday 17 November 2013

Monster Galaxy Chapters 1 & 2 review

Monster Galaxy Chapters 1 & 2 Story by Paul Morrissey & Gaia Online, Art by Melissa Dejesus Review

Avery is a Moga tamer though his mom does not know. As life goes on he embarks on his adventures capturing more and more Moga. There’s even a tournament coming up! Will he be able to save up enough money for the tournament?
Monster Galaxy has got to be the most generic series I’ve read in ages. The monster designs are uninspired and the series just screams “breaking copyright infringement.” To be fair both chapters are nice enough to look at but that’s really all the series has going for it.

There is just nothing about this series that stands out from the many, many other monster battling series out there. In conclusion, this is a bland and forgettable title really not worth anyone’s time.

Rating: 3/10

Monster Galaxy is available on Kindle. 

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