Wednesday 20 November 2013

Yu-gi-oh! Zexal Chapters 1-35 review

Yu-gi-oh! Zexal Chapters 1-35 Story by Kazuki Takahashi and Shin Yoshida, Art by Naoto Miyoshi Review

Yuma used to be a bad duelist. That is until the day a mysterious alien who only he can see is unlocked during a duel. Will Yuma be able to find all the number cards and help the alien cure his amnesia?

Serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump, Zexal is a mess in terms of both plot and art. The panel layout is confusing at times and the plot becomes increasingly nonsensical. To be fair it is a quick read, though that may be the series one positive point. The artwork Is nothing to write home about either occasionally feeling awkward.

The characters lack any real depth thus far and are standard clich├ęs for Japanese comics geared towards boys.  The franchise has always basically a marketing vehicle and a shameless one at that that being said previous incarnations were at the very least decent. Although as with this one, they suffered from dragging the story out with needlessly complicated battles designed for no other excuse than to showcase the different cards for the readers to buy. In conclusion, Zexal fails in almost every way.

Rating: 3/10

Yu-gi-oh! Zexal is available on Viz Manga and in print from Viz Media. 

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