Monday 25 November 2013

Wolfsmund vol. 1 review

Wolfsmund Vol. 1 Story & Art by Mitsuhisa Kuji Review

For those who attempt to illegally cross the blockade death is inevitable. Just what are these people’s motives? And just how ruthless is the man who blocks their path? Thus commences a chain of tragic tales.

Serialized in the seinen (men’s) comic anthology Fellows!  Wolfsmund is a dark and brutal series of interconnected tales all revolving around the titular Wolfsmund blockade. The story is an absolute page turner yet is not a safe for work type of book.

The first volume excellently portrays the brutality of the time period. For those seeking a different setting for their manga it is refreshingly set in Europe. Wolfsmund also boasts terrific artwork which gives a real feel of the setting. In conclusion Wolfsmund is highly recommended though only for an older audience. 

Rating: 9/10

Wolfsmund is available in print from Vertical.

Review copy provided by the publisher. 

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