Monday 6 October 2014

MotMM+: BLACKOUT –The Engimatic Game Chapter 1 review

MotMM+: BLACKOUT –The Engimatic Game Chapter 1 Story by Ransuke Kuroi, Art by Kazuo Maekawa Review
From the publisher: “Day laborer Kazuya Shibuya is feeling frustrated with his boring, day-to-day life when a mysterious game called “Blackout” is delivered to him out of the blue. Not knowing what is going on, he starts to play the game, only to find out that what is inside surpasses anything he could have ever imagined. No one has ever managed to beat this game shrouded in mystery. Is “death” awaiting him at the end...? The battle-filled fantasy novel popular on website Everystar is now a manga!”
Bland and forgettable as can be, Blackout is probably better off forgotten. It basically follows the formula Sword Art Online, Log Horizon, BTOOM!, and many MANY other series follow. The primary difference being that It starts on an uncomfortable note. The first chapter is rather short and really does a poor job of establishing the plot. None of the characters are terribly interesting.

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