Monday 20 October 2014

My Kitty and Old Dog Chapters 1-25 review

 My Kitty and Old Dog Chapters 1-25 Story & Art by Cho Review

From the publisher: “Nang-Nak, an old poodle with blurred eyesight, and an adorable kitten, Soondae, love their owners whom they are loyal to. Here are the episodes of the mature dog and the energetic young kitten that always wait for their owners to give them love and affection.”

My Kitty and Old Dog is basically a series of vignettes about pets and their owners. Some are tragic, others are heart-warming. The chapters are very short even given the nature of the content so even sampling a chapter would not take too much time. Some of the more tragic stories feel at odds for the potential audience this would appeal mostly too. The art when applicable is nice. The webtoon plays like a sort of biography. So in conclusion My Kitty and Old Dog is off to a decent start and I am curious to see where it goes.

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