Monday 20 October 2014

Tawara Cat Chapters 1-29 review

Tawara Cat Chapters 1-29 Story & Art by Torako Hidaka Review

From the publisher: “Kotori was a normal girl who had always been tempted down the wrong path. As she lived her normal, boring, everyday life, trying so hard to follow her dreams, a bold chubby straw-bale cat walked into her life. Will this cat be a god of luck for her? Or will it become a god of misfortune, and lead Kotori down the wrong path...? A fluffy fat cat opens up the door on this story of a woman's struggles through everyday life!”

                Serialized in Manga Box, Tawara Cat is a fun read! The comedy may not be hard hitting but the art is really nice and the series is, if nothing else, amusing. As far as josei (geared towards women) manga go it is nice to see the romance secondary. The heroine is decently developed as a character. Really it’s those around her which make this series infinitely more interesting than it may have been. A colourful bunch of misfits each with their own quirks and eccentricities they are. So I’d say Tawara Cat is worth the read if you enjoy pretty art and a fun supporting cast.

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