Monday 20 October 2014

Windrose Chapters 1 & 2 reviews

Windrose Chapters 1 & 2 Story & Art by Studio Kosen Review
From the publisher: “It's the 17th Century, and the powers of Europe are struggling violently for dominion over the oceans. Danielle, daughter of a Spanish lady and a French merchant, flees her constrictive upper-class life when she receives a disturbing letter from her father, entrusting her with a strange miniature astrolabe. But on her way from Barcelona to Marseille, her life is threatened, she nearly drowns, and she is befriended by a handsome pair of travelers...but Angeline and Leon are definitely not what they claim to be.

By acclaimed comic creation team Studio Kôsen, Danielle's journey from the palaces of Western Europe to the heart of the Ottoman Empire will prove to be more dangerous, and more thrilling, than she ever could have imagined!”

Serialized in Sparkler Monthly in North America, Windrose  is gorgeous to look at. That being said there is some awkward exposition in the first 2 chapters. There are plenty of action scenes to be found though and each character is equally compelling. The setting sets the series apart and thus far there has been little signs of romance which is nice. It has a kind of a YA adaptation feel. Make of that what you will. So in all Windrose is off to a decent if a touch rocky start it will be interesting to see where the series goes from here.

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