Wednesday 30 May 2012

Beautiful Creatures chapter 1

Beautiful Creatures chapter 1 review Story by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl Art by Cassandra Jean
Ethan was your ordinary teenage boy, one of the cool kids at that. One day a mysterious new girl arrives in town. Instantly labeled an outsider, Lena and Ethan quickly develop a deep bond. But there are mysteries in store for this pair….
Serialized in the Yen Plus comic anthology, Beautiful Creatures is a comic adaptation of a novel of the same name. Cassandra Jean breathes life into what could easily have been quite a generic story. The characters are relatively interesting but what really brings this story to life is the uniquely gorgeous art and tranquil pacing that brings to mind Japanese comic artist Natsume Ono.
The story has some interesting elements and the heroine is an intriguing character. The male lead, however, is largely unsympathetic coming off as bland. Nonetheless this is an excellent start and I await seeing what directions the story is taken in future chapters.
Beautiful Creatures is available through the Yen Plus comic anthology only. 

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