Wednesday 16 May 2012

Mysterious Girlfriend X episode 1

Mysterious Girlfriend X episode 1Directed by Ayumu Watanabe, produced by Studio Hoods Entertainment
When a mysterious transfer student named Mikoto appears at Akira’s school one day his classmates soon begin avoiding her due to her eccentric behaviour. One day when Akira wakes up Mikoto while she is drooling over her desk in her sleep he takes it upon himself to taste her drool. Soon after Mikoto visits Akira at home while he’s at home sick and informs him that he’s going through withdrawal of her drool which is causing his ailing state. Thus begins a romantic-comedy like no other.
In case the plot summary was not clear this is a spit fetish show. Words cannot begin to describe the disgust one may feel while viewing this show. If you wish to squirm uncomfortably while watching something then this is the show for you.
For everyone else stay away… stay FAR, FAR AWAY from this baffling show. To the show’s credit it does have some things going for it: the character designs look like nothing else out there and some of the imagery in the show is breathtaking. However these aspects of the show are overshadowed by scenes such as saliva erupting from Mikoto’s mouth or the parallel made between saliva and honey.  
Mysterious Girlfriend X is streaming on Crunchyroll and The Anime Network with a home video release from Sentai Filmworks to follow in the future. 

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