Saturday 12 May 2012

Doukyusei Story and Art by Asumiko Nakamura

Doukyusei Story and Art by Asumiko Nakamura
One day while in choir Hikaru notices something… one of the other boys isn’t actually singing with everyone else. He will come to learn the boy’s name (Rihito) as he teaches him how to sing. The two will soon realize their romantic feelings towards one another. Thus begins the trials and tribulations of an innocent young love.
Serialized in the BL (Boys’ Love) comic anthology Opera in Japan, which is also home to House of Five Leave’s Natsume Ono’s BL comics. Unlike several BL titles, Doukyusei is a title easily accessible to a much wider audience due in no small part to the innocence the series has, this is a subtle tale of young love. That’s not to say there’s nothing here for fans of the BL genre, there are several steamy kiss scenes for that audience as well but this is a title I see having a much broader appeal.
As the story progresses over the course of Hikaru’s and Rihito high school years the reader watches as the young couple struggles and grows. All the while the story maintains, with ease, a more sophisticated tone meant for a mature audience. These are very sympathetic characters: when the characters ache—the reader aches, when the characters experience joy so does the reader.
At present this oneshot is only available on the Jmanga website but I am uncertain if it is one of the titles they’ve made available worldwide or not. 

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