Sunday 13 May 2012

Time and Again vol. 1

Time and Again vol. 1 Story and Art by JiUn Yun
With his love of alcohol and women, Baek-On traverses the country exorcising spirits. With only his faithful bodyguard Ho-Yeon by his side, Baek-On must assist the living with their supernatural problems. A collection of haunting tales begins here!
Frankly the most interesting aspect of this book is the timeline of the Tang Dynasty. That’s not to say the plotline itself is terrible by any means but the history itself is fascinating particularly for those uninformed on the topic. The book itself is more a collection of standalone stories most of which involve Baek-On and Ho-Yeon in some form or another. The importance of these characters in the stories differs wildly on the story being told.
The stories themselves are at times both haunting and tragic. JiUn Yun knows how to pull on the readers heart strings and keep them involved with the plot. The book itself is also quite an easy read yet it is something which is recommended for an older audience given some of the content (occasional graphic content and concerns more relatable for a more mature audience).
One complaint to be made is the comedy which often feels out of place and a tad distracting in otherwise dark stories. The protagonists themselves are also nowhere near as compelling as the characters they meet and the protagonist in particular is difficult to sympathize with at times. Regardless, Time and Again is a gem among Korean comics which I recommend at least giving a try.
Time and Again is available from Yen Press both in both print and digital formats. 

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