Monday 14 May 2012

Mo'Some Sting

Mo’Some Sting Story and Art Tomoko Yamashita
When openly gay Asagi barges into  his masochistic, suicidal lover Tanuki’s office he opens brings with him a suitcase containing within it a teenage girl. Tanuki soon learns she is Asagi’s niece, Kuma, whose being targeted by the Yakuza. With the help of Asagi and Tanuki, Kuma must evade capture but in the process will she change the outlooks of those around her…?
 Serialized in the Be-Boy Gold comic anthology in Japan, Tomoko Yamashita’s josei (women’s) comic is well written with a heart-warming message at it’s core. Yamashita’s story never feels rushed nor does it feel incomplete in contrast to many one-shot comics from Japan. The story and characters are subdued and mature.
Kuma herself is any easily sympathetic and the way she changes those around her is truly moving. While this did run in a BL (Boys’ Love) anthology there’s only a few steamy kiss scenes in the book. Still this is something I’d recommend for an adult audience since I don’t see a younger audience fully enjoying this book.
Mo’Some Sting is available in digital format through JManga’s website. 

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