Wednesday 16 October 2013

Golden Time episodes 1 & 2 Review

Golden Time episodes 1 & 2 Review Directed by Chiaki Kon, Produced by J.C. Staff

Having just arrived in Tokyo, Banri finds himself lost finding the law campus. Along his way he meets a variety of quirky characters including a stocker named Koko who he falls head over heels for. However, she has eyes for someone else.

Based on a novel from the creator of Toradora! Golden Time fails mainly because of its female lead Koko who we soon find we are meant to find endearing as opposed to the deeply disturbed person she clearly is. Beyond her, there is very little of note in this show.

The animation is subpar at, best featuring generic character designs. The lead is a fairly typical character in the harem genre and Koko aside there’s really little to hold the viewer’s attention in this show. On all accounts this series should fail and that is exactly what it does.

Rating: 3/10

Golden Time is currently streaming on Crunchyroll with a home video release from Sentai Filmworks to appear later. 

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